How to Combat Homesickness - Blog Image
How to Combat Homesickness - Blog Image

By Alena Kairys

Sep 13, 2021

After the frenzy of your move has faded, you may feel a longing for your old home. Homesickness isn’t limited to something only children experience—you can miss home at any age, no matter how far away your new address is. Whether you’ve recently relocated for a new job, a more rural lifestyle, or are after a fresh start, here are some ways you can combat homesickness.

Go Exploring

It’s totally normal to feel anxious living in an unfamiliar area, but you can lessen those fears by embracing the novelty of being somewhere new! Take the time to explore and get familiar with the area. Try out different restaurants, do touristy activities, visit nearby parks, seek out local hidden gems—you’re sure to discover your new favorite hangout or go-to lunch spot! Finding something to love about your ZIP code will help your homesickness fade much quicker. Have fun with it and spend a day or weekend to get to know your home.  

Make Yourself at Home

Living somewhere else can make you feel out-of-place initially, so it’s important to reestablish your daily routines. Try using the opportunity of starting over to begin better habits. Unpacking can be as much as a chore as boxing everything up, and depending on your schedule and motivation level, the move-in process can drag on and on. When your house is filled with unpacked items, it can feel more like a temporary destination than your home. While it can be tempting to procrastinate and leave boxes around for months on end, try setting a target date to get everything unpacked. This will encourage you to be proactive in getting everything settled. When your belongings have a place in your new home, it will make the atmosphere more familiar and comforting. Additionally, consider doing some gardening or giving parts of your home a mini makeover to personalize your space. Even repainting a room can make your home feel more “you.”

Make New Friends

Following a move, don’t neglect the need to expand or build your social network. Not having anyone to lean one can exacerbate homesickness, so avoid isolating yourself too much. Even if you’re fortunate enough to already have connections close by, it’s healthy to develop relationships as you adjust to your city or town. Now, you might be stumped at where to start finding friends, but there are various ways you can meet new people: go to local events, join a club dedicated to one of your interests, start volunteering somewhere, or get to know your neighbors. If you have school-aged children, you’ll be in a good position to befriend fellow parents. There are even apps and meetup sites that organize networking events and outings. Depending on the safety conditions of your area, some get-togethers may need to be virtual, but you can still have a good time meeting some fresh faces.

But Keep the Old

Feeling homesick isn’t just about missing a physical structure, it’s also about missing the people who made you feel at home. Don’t let distance prevent you from maintaining your treasured relationships—schedule a phone call or a video conference with your loved ones to keep in touch. Texting or even live gaming can help bridge the gap, too. Sometimes you just need to hear the voice of your favorite people to encourage you as you make a new life for yourself. Connecting with old friends can comfort you when you feel alone, just be sure you’re branching out to make new ones, as well.

Most people try to prepare themselves for the logistic and financial challenges of relocating, but they don’t always account for the emotional toll moving can cause. Feeling homesick can make it difficult to adjust to your new home, but it will pass with time. When you work to build community and great memories in your new location, you’ll find that home is a state of mind.

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