The NFM Family of Lenders is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). We believe that drawing on our differences allows us to create a powerful and innovative workforce to best serve our customers.

We are committed to continuing to broaden our culture of inclusion, while positively impacting the communities we serve with great service and educational programs.

NFM Lending has a DEI committee, comprised of executive leaders and employees. Our diverse workforce and DEI initiatives focus on tangible actions and programs by focusing on Community, Consumer and Company.  The DEI committee goals are to create innovative and effective programs that recruit, attract, develop, engage, advance, and retain employees from a variety of backgrounds, including diversity of: race, ethnicity, gender, culture, language, age, gender, and sexual orientation.”

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

at the NFM Family of Lenders

Madison Grey

Madison Grey

Human Resources Director
NFM Lending

“The NFM Family of Lenders’ vision is to transform the mortgage industry landscape through a diverse workforce, business portfolio, and public outreach program. We will accomplish these goals by focusing on the three C’s of Community, Consumer, and Company with the intent to develop future mortgage leaders, educate minority consumers and support generational wealth in underserved communities through the American Dream of homeownership.”

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With locations across the nation, we proudly serve a diverse customer base with products that provide solutions for a wide range of home loan financing needs and credit profiles. Through the NFM C.A.R.E.S. program, NFM supports causes that have the greatest positive impact on the communities that the company serves. NFM Lending’s charitable endeavors are geared towards helping United States troops and Veterans, children and families in need, and animal welfare and protection.

NFM Salute

Each month one military service member or Veteran is honored as the Salute of the Month. The honoree is featured on the NFM Salute website page with a biography and information about their service. They receive a thank you gift and have a $2,500 donation made in their name to a military-focused charity. To see our Salutes or nominate someone, please visit

During our annual Support Our Troops Drive, we collect food, supplies, toiletries, games, puzzles, and other requested items, which are packaged and sent to U.S. troops stationed overseas for the holidays. To date, NFM Lending has sent over 2,500 care packages.

NFM Salute

Charles Eggleston, U.S. Army Staff Sergeant (Ret.)

We have also partnered with organizations who share in our desire to focus on
DEI solutions for the communities we serve:

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In September 2020, NFM donated 125 laptops and sponsored 10 inner-city students with hotspots for 5-months of internet coverage to close the digital divide via the Greater Washington Urban League.


NFM is dedicated to tangible actions and programs that benefit consumers, including educating them on the importance of developing a strong credit profile and how to achieve the dream of homeownership. Our loan programs include solutions for low-down payments, first-time homebuyers, investment properties, Veterans, and everyone between. Our online application and loan status updates are offered in English and Spanish.

We have partnered with HomeFree USA, who provides a bridge to financial strength and homeownership for people of color across America.

NFM believes that homeownership should be attainable by everyone regardless of background. We’re committed to helping all people reach the goal of buying a home, which supports the well-being of communities we serve and creates sustainable wealth that is passed on from generation to generation. Because for every family there is the perfect home and for every home, there is the perfect family.

Raphael Jordan

Inclusion, Diversity & Engagement Advocate
NFM Lending

“NFM Lending is committed to creating a diverse workforce and identifying areas of opportunity to level the playing field in the mortgage industry for minorities and people of color. We are focused on developing a diverse group of future mortgage leaders. We’re approaching this through a multi-faceted approach.”


My Voice Matters

NFM Launched the “My Voice Matters” video series and social media campaign to give those who are typically underserved a platform to voice what matters to them and discuss what they’re doing to level the playing field for minorities and other undeserved communities. 

Here is NFM’s General Counsel, LaTasha Rowe, introducing the campaign. See all My Voice Matters videos on

My Voice Matters

General Council, Chief Compliance Officer
NFM Lending

In this episode of “My Voice Matters,” Mary Levinson, Branch Manager of NFM Lending is spotlighted. As one of the first sponsoring members of the LGBTQ – MD Chamber of Commerce and an active member of the LGBTQ Realtor Alliance, Mary has advocated for her LGBTQ clients, realtor partners and lenders for years. Tune in to see how Mary supports her local communities and see what being an LGBTQ woman means for her and her family.

In this episode of “My Voice Matters”, we spotlight Branch Manager of NFM Lending, JC Jimenez from our Vienna, VA office. Originally from Colombia, and having immersed himself in the area Hispanic community, JC understands the distinct needs and challenges his neighbors may face when qualifying for a home loan. Tune in to see how JC and his team focus on helping first-time home buyers achieve the American Dream.

Employee-focused Campaigns

Internally, the company has employee-focused campaigns, with four special edition newsletters focused on Black History Month, Asian and American Pacific Islander month, Pride month, and Hispanic Heritage month.

Our partnership with Fannie Mae’s Future Housing Leaders internship connects college students to potential paid internship and entry-level job opportunities with top employers in the housing industry who are committed to diversity and inclusion.

Want to get involved?

NFM is hiring across the nation for multiple positions.

Our job postings can be found on,, The Hispanic/Latino Professionals Association website, among other websites.