NFM Lending is committed to the success of our employees and recognizing their dedication. We take pride in our team members’ individual talents and values. As we continue to expand, we are cultivating a work environment that is professional, inspirational, and promotes growth. We reward success through group and individual recognition programs, offer a comprehensive benefits package, and promote from within whenever possible. 

NFM has a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), which is championed by our DEI Committee. NFM believes that having a diverse workforce and drawing on our differences allows us to create powerful and innovative solutions to best serve our customers.

We believe NFM’s culture is not just one of the best in the mortgage industry, but the best of any company in the country. It all starts with our CEO David Silverman and President Bob Tyson, who believe that culture is the foundation of everything we do and ultimately leads to a great experience for our clients and the success of our company. It’s why we place such an emphasis on building a feeling of family where we support each other, make sound ethical decisions, and hold ourselves and others accountable.