How to Save on Moving Costs
How to Save on Moving Costs

By Alena Kairys

Feb 22, 2020

There’s nothing more exciting than finally being able to settle into your new home! Perhaps the least glamorous part of moving in is the actual moving part. Depending on how many belongings you own, moving can be an especially tedious task, not to mention pricey. Let us teach you some tricks on how to save on moving costs.

When it comes to moving, you can never have too many boxes! Don’t spend all your money on new boxes you’ll likely never use again; try asking your friends and neighbors for any empty boxes they may have. With online shopping being so prevalent nowadays, it probably won’t be difficult to find several people willing to give you their empty boxes. Additionally, you can use old newspapers, rags, towels, or clothes to cushion fragile items instead of buying bubble wrap.

Hopefully paring down your possessions has been one task you’ve been working on in preparation for selling your home. You should get rid of items you don’t use or need to reduce how much you’ll have to pack. You can sell your things, give them to friends, donate to charity, or just discard whatever you don’t want anymore. Use this opportunity to start life in your new home without unnecessary clutter!

You can reduce the number of boxes to be filled and optimize loading space by packing strategically. Make the most of every space by exploiting every nook and cranny that you can –leave no gap unfilled! If items can nestle inside one another, stack them together so you’re not packing items individually. Packing is a lot like playing Tetris, it can be tricky but it’s a great way to ignite your problem-solving skills.

Instead of calling a moving service to pick up and drop off your possessions, consider renting a moving truck to save on labor costs. Most moving companies charge by the hour, and hourly fees can build up quickly. Packing, driving, and unloading your vehicle gives you more monetary and scheduling flexibility. For very heavy, bulky, or oddly shaped items (such as a piano), it may be better to hire professional movers. If you’re not moving too far away, ask your family and friends if they’d be able to help you move. Afterwards, treat your “moving team” to lunch for all their hard work!

If the area you’re moving to makes hiring movers or asking for help impractical, using a moving container is an especially smart solution. Simply pack your items in the container, arrange for it to be shipped to your new address, and it will be ready to be unloaded when you arrive. Even if you’re moving out-of-state or far away, you can still save on your home transition.

Moving costs aren’t always the first thing that come to mind after buying a new home, and those expenses are not usually cheap. Even so, there are many creative methods to save on moving costs for when the time comes for your big move!

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