By Alena Kairys

Jul 24, 2020

Summer is oftentimes a buyer’s market, which means you have to be competitive if you’re trying to sell your home. With the limited interactions buyers can have with your home, you should treat every picture or video taken of your house as a photo op. Staging has become more important than ever, and adding touches of summer throughout your home can set yours apart. Regulations for open houses may differ depending on your location, but these tips are great tactics to use regardless of your situation. Read on to learn the summer staging tips that can make your home stand out.


Adding a natural, seasonal element to your staging is a simple and effective way to make your home appear welcoming and attractive. Flowers make for classic décor, but consider using palm fronds or filling an elegant container with fruit for unique summer flair. It can all be fake —no one will know the difference!

Summer Staging Tips

It’s best practice to have the rooms in your house painted in light, neutral colors when trying to sell, but you can still add bursts of color to match the season. By adding a few tasteful items such as summery throw pillows, wall art, or décor pieces, you can give a subtle nod to summer while making your home look fresh. With the sun being out longer, let natural sunlight flood your home when your house is being photographed or otherwise shown to buyers. This will make your home look cheery and more spacious.

Summer Staging Tips

If you’re having a virtual open house, you may not think it’s as important to be diligent about cleaning. While buyers won’t be able to get an up-close look at your home like they would touring in-person, you should still clean your home well when showing it off. Remove objects that clutter your house, as well as personal items. This way, it will be easier for buyers to envision living in your home.


Much like the inside of your home, curb appeal will have greater importance when physical showings are limited. People won’t be interested in the inside of your home if they aren’t drawn to its exterior, so do your best to make it clean and attractive. Trimming shrubbery, mowing the lawn, and cleaning up dead vegetation are all essential parts of yard upkeep. Keep in mind that grass and other plants tend to grow faster during the summer, so you may have to maintain them more frequently.

Summer Staging Tips

You can remove dirt and pollen buildup on your home by power washing the siding and cleaning the windows. Be sure to wash the windows from both inside and outside. This may seem like a minor detail, but don’t underestimate the effect clean windows can have!

Summer is a great time to incorporate color to the outside of your home! Consider planting some seasonal flowers or adding potted flowers by your front door to add a pleasant accent. You can also put a wreath on your door to make your home more welcoming. If your front door is looking faded, freshen it up with a coat of paint.

Summer Staging Tips

Many people like to enjoy summer outside, and you can capitalize on this by playing up the outdoor spaces of your home. Whether you have a porch, deck, or patio, making it feel cozy and inviting can help boost the interest in your home. Be sure that any wood slats or bricks are clean and in good condition, repairing as needed. Check to see that your outdoor furniture doesn’t look too worn and that cushions aren’t dingy. You can even add a few outdoor throw pillows and a set of string lights to bring the area together. Outdoor spaces are becoming a more desirable feature for homebuyers—don’t be afraid to give yours star treatment.

Summer Staging Tips

Physical appearance may be taking a higher priority now, but that doesn’t mean your home’s quality should be ignored. Even if you aren’t able to have a home inspection completed or allow buyers and agents into your home, it is extremely important that the house itself is in good condition and internal systems are working properly. You should have a professional look over your home before putting it on the market.

Even if there is more of an emphasis on staging right now, it will largely stay the same no matter what the market looks like. Staging is about creating a positive impression with your home. With some seasonal additions, thoughtful placements, and effort, you can make your home look suitable for summer.


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