Ready To Sell? Highlight a Home Office
Ready To Sell? Highlight a Home Office

By Alena Kairys

Mar 28, 2021

With many people continuing to work remotely, home offices have become an extremely desirable feature for home buyers. Take advantage of this lifestyle change by creating or showing off your own WFH spot! If you’re ready to sell your home, here’s how to highlight a home office.

Office Space

A home office doesn’t have to be grand or elaborate, and it’s easy to incorporate one into your home. It’s best the office be situated away from common areas, like the kitchen or living room, if possible. A smaller, spare room or a basement can be good locations for a workspace. If you don’t have an extra room, you can carve out a smaller section of a larger room to establish a flex space. Just be sure there’s an outlet nearby to plug in a computer or printer. To create a sense of privacy, add a curtain or folding partitions next to the area. Once you’ve chosen your office location, add a desk and chair. If you can, try arranging the desk near a window. The natural light will make the area more attractive and will help achieve a pleasant ambience. 


You could always plant a desk and a chair in a room and call it a day, but staging your home office can make the difference between lukewarm and enthusiastic buyers. For home offices already in use, clear your desk of papers, personal items, and other clutter. To tidy up the look of multiple electric cords, bundle them together with a zip or twist tie. Keep the walls in your home office a neutral color, as well. When it comes to furniture, minimalism is the way to go. Avoid overcrowding by removing large and unnecessary items. This can make the room feel more spacious and keeps the focus on the desk zone. Much like staging for the rest of your home, a buyer should be able to visualize themselves using the space.

Finishing Touches

Even though your home office shouldn’t appear too personal to buyers, that doesn’t mean it needs to look bland! With the right additions, a buyer will be able to see how they can customize the workspace once they own the home. Place a houseplant to add natural beauty. Whether they’re real or artificial, the greenery will make any area more stylish and create a more tranquil environment. Consider adding an attractive area rug to make the room friendlier and tie the room together. A piece of wall art can also add some flair, just be sure not to choose any pieces that could be distracting or off-putting to buyers.

The high demand for an office space isn’t just a fad—it’s very likely that working from home will continue in some scope, even when the pandemic is less of a threat. Investing the time to showcase a home office can pay off when you’re selling your home.

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