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NFM Lending is proud to introduce our Road2Home credit enhancement program. At no cost to our clients, a credit specialist will analyze your credit report and create a customized plan to improve your credit score and maximize your home buying potential.

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Road2Home credit specialists work closely with your NFM Lending loan originator to set proper expectations for qualifying credit scores.

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Your Road2Home credit specialist will develop an accurate timeline for completion of the program – Timelines can vary based on the specific needs of your credit report.

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Unique technology, tools, and experience establish the best course of action for mortgage credit scores. Once you have received your personalized plan your credit specialist will stay in contact to make sure all steps are followed as recommended.

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After you successfully achieve the desired score goal set by the loan officer, your personal credit specialist will send the new credit report back to the LO for a loan analysis.

*Completion of the program does not guarantee loan approval

The NFM Difference​


Home Owners Helped Through The Road2Home Program

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A loan officer determines if the borrower is a good fit for the program and sends the Road2Home admission form (Income and assets verified, seasoning requirements met).

Once the admission form is signed, a credit specialist will create a personalized score plan with the precise timeline and funds needed for the score increase.

A credit specialist will contact the borrower within 48 -72 hours for an in-depth introductory call, addressing any concerns and explaining the evaluation in detail. This will be accompanied by a summary email recapping the plan steps & program expectations.

Borrower’s will receive monthly educational content and follow ups from their specialist. Program participation is required to meet the desired score goal set by the loan officer.

Upon reaching the required score goal and completing the program, a borrower will be sent a program certification.

The new credit report is sent back to the loan officer for underwriting review.