Winter can be such a beautiful time of year, but hard on your wallet. Don’t worry if you can’t afford major improvement projects to make your home more energy efficient. Keep your money in the bank by using these tips to help save on energy costs this winter.

Use blankets in Winter

Bundle up in long sleeves, sweatshirts, warm socks and slippers. Keeping your home even just a few degrees cooler than normal can add up to big savings. Place plenty of big and soft blankets around the house on beds, couches, and arm chairs. Switch out bed sheets to thicker warm ones, such as flannel. No one enjoys walking on cold hardwood, concrete, or tiles floors; area or throw rugs are a great way to eliminate cold surfaces.

If you haven’t yet, invest in a programmable thermostat. To rack up savings, we recommend scheduling so it’s 7-10 degrees cooler when you’re not at home and when sleeping. Most people spend a good portion of the day at work, so don’t heat a house you’re not in. You should also take advantage of natural lighting to help heat your home. Be sure to open curtains during the day to allow the sun to shine through, but remember to close them at night to trap the heat in.

Adjust your fan in the winter

Hot air rises, which isn’t helpful in these cold winter months. Make sure your ceiling fans are adjusted so they run in clockwise, sending that wonderful warm air back down and ensuring the air is properly circulated. Getting tricked into thinking your home is colder than it really is means money out of your pocket.

After using the oven, take advantage of the free heat! Leave the door cracked to let the heat escape into your kitchen and nearby rooms, taking some of the pressure off your furnace.

Check the vents in your home for any furniture or items in the way. Covered vents are unable to properly deliver heat throughout your home. If you don’t use a room often, consider closing the vent in that spaces so the heat can be redirected. You don’t want any heat to go to waste.

Kitchen Exhaust

As helpful as kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans are to remove unwanted odors, smoke, and excess moisture, they also get rid of a lot of hot air. If you want to save money, you should use them sparingly during the winter.

You don’t need to spend a ton of money to save on heating/energy costs. Work with what you have until you can afford those bigger changes later. All of these common-sense tips should cost a couple dollars and take only minutes to do.

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