In support of the Michael Phelps Foundation, NFM, Inc. recently sponsored and participated in the Michael Phelps Foundation 2012 Golf Classic held on September 22, 2012 in Atlantic City. The Michael Phelps Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by the record-setting Olympian, Michael Phelps. The foundation was created in 2008 to support advancement of the sport of swimming, and also to promote an active and healthy lifestyle, especially for children. NFM, Inc. is a proud supporter of the Michael Phelps Foundation, and sponsored the event with a $10,000 donation.

The Michael Phelps Golf Classic is the largest fundraising event that the Foundation hosts. The event included a day of golf and a post-event celebration, in addition to a celebrity poker tournament. NFM, Inc. President and CEO David Silverman was a participant in each of the events, and actually won the poker event while his father Sam (who had never played poker before) finished 3rd. Having participated in the event for the past three years, Mr. Silverman commented on NFM, Inc.’s dedication to the Michael Phelps Foundation:

“NFM, Inc. is fully committed to giving back to our community and is thrilled to be a sponsor of such a great event. Our company supports initiatives that promote an active, healthy lifestyle, especially for our children. The Golf Classic is a great way to promote and raise funds for this inspiring organization and NFM, Inc. was proud to be a part of it. We look forward to supporting the Michael Phelps Foundation for many years to come.”

NFM, Inc. is focused on community and building its philanthropic efforts. The NFM Cares program regularly works with and donates to organizations that place an emphasis on family and children, soldiers and veterans, and supporting a healthy lifestyle. As an organization that encourages personal empowerment through participation in health and fitness activities, the Michael Phelps Foundation fits perfectly into the NFM Cares framework. NFM, Inc. looks forward to participating with this inspiring organization and supporting future Olympic hopefuls for years to come.