Greg Cowart

Greg Cowart

Branch Manager | Loan Originator | NMLS# 204399

Thank you for taking a minute to visit our website. If you choose to work with us, this website is where you can easily upload documents as well as apply to get preapproved if you prefer applying online. Just use the links above…

I have been helping Central Virginia families through the homebuying process now for 19 years. There is no “school” or training for being a mortgage professional. It is an industry where you learn on the job, in real time with real people and real home purchases. I see mortgage mistakes and fix broken loans with stressed and upset clients who used an out of town call center or big bank on a weekly basis. Please, whomever you hire to help you buy a home, choose an experienced and local lender working with a small to medium sized mortgage company!

Last year, my team and I helped over 375 families through the mortgage process. To date, I have helped over 3,000 families buy a home. I don’t just help a family get a mortgage; any mortgage originator can do that. We help coordinate, coach, and problem solve with ALL the many people and moving pieces and people involved in a home purchase.

Choosing the right Mortgage Originator is important! Here are some reasons to choose myself and our team:

  • Local – We have an excellent reputation in Central Virginia. We must live up to your expectations, close on time, honor what we say, be accurate, and preform.
  • Small – We have all worked with big companies and know what departmentalization, bureaucracy, apathy, delays, 1800 numbers, and excuses feel like. Our size and experience allows us to perform better, quicker and more reliably, more holistically, and get better results. We are NOT a BANK or CREDIT UNION. We ONLY do mortgages and don’t have layers and layers of rules and management to get in the way of results.
  • Experience – I have been ranked in the top 1% of Mortgage Originators in the US since 2014. Your home is your largest purchase and homebuying is complex – Work with the best!
  • Competitive Terms – Because of our small branch size and high volume of loans and because of NFM is efficient with little to no middle management, I can offer excellent loan terms and rates. 375+ families chose to work with us last year and all could go many other places to get a mortgage. We offer excellent value when you consider our high service model coupled with low mortgage rates.
  • Recommended – Over 40% of our business comes from past client referrals and returning clients! Top local realtors and top builders choose our team based on our service, reputation and past performance.
  • Control – NFM is decentralized. I am allowed to hire, incentivize, create processes, and customize my mortgage branch to the needs or Central Virginia homebuyers. NFM will process, fund your loan, underwrite your loan, and close your loan. We even service a large part of the mortgages we originate.
  • NFM Lending is an amazing privately owned company with a great culture which attracts top loan officers across the country. Culture matters. Happy cared for employees = happy clients. NFM Lending is big enough to offer great rates and most all loan products but small enough that I know all department heads, we can move fast, and I can facilitate getting things done/getting results when challenges come up
  • You get a TEAM – Our Team Model means we are here when you need us! We always have a team member on call even in the evenings and on weekends. A single loan officer can not offer this type of responsiveness and availability. Homes move – FAST – hire a responsive mortgage professional!
  • Quality – I work with an amazing team. I love this team and hope you will too. We have worked together for years and I am so proud to go into “battle” each day with these professionals. Their experience, care and professionalism are exceptional. See our reviews for proof…
  • Availability – Our entire team uses cell phones to communicate. We are responsive and can text with you. There are no long hold times or dialing multiple extensions to reach us. We always have a team member on call even in the evenings and on weekends. We are here for you.
  • We truly care – After 19 years, I am proud to say this. This is an intense job as this homebuying process is complex with many rules, layers, and competing parties making it very emotional. Additionally, mortgage is a mostly unknown process as families only buy a few homes in their life. Loan Originator burn out and apathy exist and are a problem. Helping a family buy a home is an honor and I take it seriously. I still love this job. In real estate, what can go wrong often will. Our clients are more likely to have their offers accepted, are more informed, and because our style of being PROACTIVE AND DETAILED, get through the home purchase process with less stress with our team vs. our competition.
  • Our Style – Quick to respond, Educate, Listen, Provide Choices, Accuracy, Proactive Problem Solving, Creativity in working with your agent to get your offer accepted, coordinating with the many other parties, Keeping in touch throughout process, be available before, during and after the home purchase.

About Greg: Lived in Richmond since 1994. From Charleston, South Carolina. Married for 24 years to an amazingly patient wife with 3 kids, 19, 17, and 14. JMU Undergrad and VCU Grad with degrees in Education and Counseling. Hobbies include mountain biking, gardening, music, yoga and multisports. 2 time IRONMAN distance finisher.


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Jesse Perrone

Jesse Perrone

Sales Manager | Loan Originator

NMLS# 1034510


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Matt Pritchett

Mortgage Loan Originator

NMLS# 2227755


Mary-Margaret Wells

Mary-Margaret Wells

Loan Partner | Loan Originator

NMLS# 1928522


Katie Townsend

Katie Townsend

Loan Originator/Loan Partner

NMLS# 1318568


Mandy Barden

Mandy Barden

Processor | Loan Manager


Hope Miller

Hope Miller

Loan Manager


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Greg Cowart

Greg Cowart

Branch Manager | Loan Originator

NMLS# 204399