Greg Cowart

Greg Cowart

Branch Manager/Loan Originator | NMLS# 204399

1512 Willow Lawn Drive
Suite 202
Richmond, VA 23230

O : 804-306-6463

1512 Willow Lawn Drive
Suite 202
Richmond, VA 23230

Choosing the Right Loan Originator is Important!

• Your home is your biggest purchase.
• Moving is stressful and involves deadlines.
• The mortgage industry is complex and performance is abysmal.
• Can you believe less than ½ of mortgages close on time!

Choose an experienced, responsive, local professional to help you with the financing of your home!

After 14 years and helping thousands of Central Virginia families through the home buying process, I still have not lost my passion for what I do. I love serving my clients, meeting and listening, guiding through the home buying process, accepting the responsibility for the coordination of all the moving parts in a mortgage (title, attorney, appraisal, insurance, underwriting, contracts, agents, sellers, just to name a few), and closing on time. I come from a teaching and counseling background so I approach mortgages and the process differently than other originators. I listen better, I show more detail, I connect more with what my clients want, and we perform better.

Our clients tell us they want:

Competitive loan terms
Advice as to different loan options
Creativity in listening and offering choices and suggestions
Accuracy in numbers
To make the loan process as least painful as is possible
Someone to pick up the phone and be responsive
To close on time
What our clients don’t know to ask for as they start the process:

Experience: Nothing beats experience. Don’t let your loan be the “Guinea Pig” for a new call center loan officer or rookie. We have been ranked in the top 1% of originators in the United States. We help over 200 families a year with the purchase of their home. Getting a mortgage done right these days is not easy. Trust a pro.

Responsiveness: We work as a team. I work with 4 WONDERFUL loan originators who serve you as a loan partner. This means you get two loan officers instead of just one! Myself and one other team member will be with you from start to finish. This means we answer the phone, coordinate with agents, return emails because you have two licensed loan originators in the know, on your side, and ready to help.

Back Office: Your loan will be originated and processed in Richmond Virginia in our office. We work with only 4 Underwriters so that we know what they want and can create consistency. Your loan partner and processor are top notch and hired by me. I control the flow of the loan which results in a predictable and accountable process.

The Company: NFM Lending is an amazing mortgage company. Yes you may not have heard of NFM but that is a good thing. The bigger the company the more bureaucratic, departmentalized, and slow they become. I know this first hand. NFM is big enough to have excellent loan products and pricing but small enough to be able to get things done and think outside of the box. NFM does NOT work of closing dates, which results in loans being completed and ready to close a week or more prior to the closing date. Underwriting of the file occurs in one to two days and all departments have a service mindset and respond quickly.

Call us or email us. You will feel the difference. If you need a second opinion, need to close your loan quickly after it has fallen apart with another lender, or are just thinking about starting the buying process, we are here to serve you and work hard to create raving fans.

Over ½ of our business comes from satisfied clients referring friends, family and coworkers over to us. Several local builders and top real estate agents trust our team to take care of their clients.

DON’T SETTLE FOR LESS THAN THE BEST. You can have GREAT loan terms and a GREAT mortgage experience. Helping your family buy your next home is a privilege and a responsibility we take seriously.



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Greg Cowart

Greg Cowart

Branch Manager/Loan Originator

NMLS# 204399 | 804-306-6463
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