How to Create an Outdoor Space
How to Create an Outdoor Space

By Alena Kairys

May 28, 2021

During the warmer months, you can’t help but want to take advantage of the pleasant weather! Instead of cooping up indoors, why not enjoy the fresh air by hanging out in your very own outdoor space? An outdoor space expands your options for relaxing and entertaining; after all, your yard is an extension of your home. Here’s how you can create an outdoor space in your backyard.

Building the Space

First, decide where you want to set up your outdoor space. Don’t worry if your yard has limited square footage, you can still design a modest gathering area that’s cozy and welcoming. If your home already has a patio, deck or back porch, congratulations—you’re already halfway there to creating your oasis! Before you start revamping the area, make sure everything is in good condition and relatively clean. Make any structural or aesthetic fixes until you’re happy with the base platform.

If you want to put your gathering space in your yard, think about where and how large you want the finished product to be. Be sure to consider elements like privacy level and surrounding shade when choosing the location. For example, if you want to add a firepit, you wouldn’t want to put it where there are trees directly above you. Once you’ve decided the location and size of your hideaway, define the area with gravel or brick pavers. Defining the area will help your outdoor space feel more like a retreat and less like you just put some chairs in your backyard. You can call a contractor to hardscape the zone, or you can do it yourself if you’re up to a challenge. Going the DIY route will involve digging, so make sure you call the national “Call Before You Dig” hotline ahead of time to ensure you don’t accidentally hit anything important. You can also add a pathway to your outdoor space with bricks or steppingstones.

Outdoor Furnishings

Now that your location is prepped, it’s time to add some furniture! Consider what pieces you want to include—there are many styles of sofas, chairs, and tables suitable for outdoor use. Some of the most popular materials for outdoor furniture include metal, wicker, plastic, and wood. Metal is sturdy and less likely to blow away; choose models with a powdered finish for longevity. Wicker is great for a coastal aesthetic; opt for all-weather wicker pieces. Plastic furniture is light, easy to clean, and usually cheaper than other materials. Wood is a classic, natural choice, but it will require extra care to prevent rotting and fading. You can further customize your outdoor space with attractive seat cushions and decorative pillows. If you want to enjoy the warmth of a firepit in your outdoor space, make sure it isn’t directly sitting on flammable material, too close to vegetation, or in an enclosed space (i.e., a covered porch).

Finishing Touches

To make your outdoor space feel even more calming, add some extra homelike touches. Much like the rooms inside your home, an area rug can make a space more cohesive. Before placing any furniture, find an outdoor rug that complements your chosen seating. Consider adding a few potted flowers or flower beds around your relaxation grotto to add natural beauty. Lastly, you can create a magical ambience with some solar powered string lights! Hang a strand or two around the perimeter to make evening usage more pleasant and Instagram-worthy. 

Building an attractive and functional outdoor space can enhance your home and make summers more enjoyable. You’ll find that winding down is even better when all you need to do is step into your backyard.

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