By Gene DiPaula

Aug 10, 2015

When you think about branding yourself as a real estate agent on social media, Google Plus may not be the first social network that comes to mind. If you have a successful Facebook page or Twitter account, then another social media account might not seem necessary; however, Google Plus offers its users many perks that can benefit you and increase your online visibility. Here are four Google Plus tips to help improve your branding and online reach.

  1. Search Engine Optimization
    Google automatically ranks posts from a Google Plus page higher than it would rank a business page from another social networking site. When you post links, videos, or photos to your Google Plus page, those posts will show up as top results in Google searches. This means that if a potential client is searching online for information, and your posts are relevant to their search, then your posts and profile will be some of the first results they see.
  2. Communities
    Google Plus is full of communities that you can join to meet other industry professionals, network, share news, promote your website, or ask questions. Join communities related to real estate and post your own blogs, or links to your website. This is a great way to build an audience for your content. You can also engage with community members in other ways, such as commenting on their posts, or posting questions for them to answer.
  3. Analytics
    Your time is valuable. Google business page analytics allows you to save time by posting content that is relevant to your specific audience. Analytics show you the traffic to your page: how many visitors are viewing your page, which posts are more popular than others, how many new visitors you have versus how many are returning visitors, and more. This allows you to tailor your content to suit your audience and learn more about your followers. For example, if you see that your posts about home renovation aren’t driving much engagement, but your posts about home buying are, you know to post more articles about home buying in the future.
  4. Drive Website Traffic
    You can also use Google Plus to drive business to your website. Share your link and invite your followers to check out your blog posts, customer reviews, online applications, or anything else you want to share. Post it to your main page, then share it to the different communities you belong to. Not only will you reach a wider audience, but these posts will be highly ranked in Google searches, driving more search traffic to your website.
    Google Plus is a highly valuable tool for real estate professionals. In this competitive industry, online presence and branding are essential. Using Google Plus business pages can improve your online visibility, help you educate potential clients more effectively, and build relationships with other industry professionals. Click here for more information about Google Plus.

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