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Welcome to NFM Lending, America’s Common Sense Lender. We serve the local community, as well as communities across the nation, by providing flexible mortgage solutions for prospective and current homeowners. Our broad range of loan products ensures that there’s something to offer everyone. I encourage you to browse my page and take note of the useful information and helpful tools. Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. I look forward to working with you!

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What to Consider When Buying a Waterfront Home

Who hasn’t dreamed of having a home on the water? Whether it’s beach, lake, or riverfront, a waterfront home can be a great investment but should not be made without the proper research and consideration. Before making any costly mistakes, you need to know what to consider when buying a water…
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Staging Your Home For Sale

‘Staging’ is a term used by real estate agents that means to make your home appealing, therefore making it more marketable to potential buyers. Through this process, you increase your home value and become more emotionally detached from the house as it becomes less of your home. The ultimate …
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What do Mortgage Lenders Review on Bank Statements?

There are many ways to prepare to buy a home, but a major one is to ensure your finances are completely sound. A lender is going to request many financial documents, one of which will be your bank statements. While it might seem like an insignificant request compared to your taxes or paystubs, yo…
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NFM Lending salutes Kenneth Hutcherson

LINTHICUM, MD, February 1, 2018— NFM Lending is pleased to honor WWII Veteran, Kenneth Hutcherson, as the NFM Salute for February 2018. After high school graduation in Halifax, Virginia, Hutcherson moved to Baltimore, Maryland in June 1941 and worked for Glen L. Martin Company. After 15 months,…
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