The Differences between Credit Report and Credit Score

The Difference between Credit Report and Credit Score

One of our previous blogs on credit scores, Understanding Your Credit Score, talked about the factors used to calculate FICO scores (the most widely used scoring system). However, the blog did not go into detail on what a credit score is or the difference between credit report and credit score. The two are not only […]

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Small Model House on Newly Designed U.S. One Hundred Dollar Bills.

Tips for Investing in Rental Properties

Investing in a rental property can be a great way to earn additional revenue. Perhaps you’re a homeowner looking for wealth-building opportunities. Or perhaps you’re simply interested in property management. Owning a rental property is an investment of time and money, and it’s important to carefully consider everything that is involved before you make the […]

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4 Google Plus Tips for Real Estate Agents

When you think about branding yourself as a real estate agent on social media, Google Plus may not be the first social network that comes to mind. If you have a successful Facebook page or Twitter account, then another social media account might not seem necessary; however, Google Plus offers its users many perks that […]

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Understanding Your Credit Score

Your credit score is the numerical value assigned based on the information on your credit report. Credit-reporting bureaus use complex and proprietary algorithms to calculate these, but the most widely used are FICO scores. FICO scores can range from 300 to 850, and they give potential lenders an idea of how much of a financial […]

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CFPB Finalizes TRID Effective Date

On Tuesday, July 21, 2015, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) issued a final rule delaying the effective date for the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosures (TRID) to October 3, 2015. The new Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure documents will replace the Good Faith Estimate, the HUD-1, and the Truth in Lending Statement on most residential loan […]

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How to Save for a Home Down Payment

Like any major purchase, a home purchase will require you to put down a certain percentage of the total price as a down payment. The bigger the down payment, the less you will borrow from the mortgage company or bank, and the less your payments will be. With every day expenses and current bills, it […]

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Supreme Court Rules on Disparate Impact Claims

On Thursday, June 25, 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of a civil rights group, determining that lending, zoning, sales, or rental practices would be considered discrimination if proven to have a disparate impact on racial minorities, whether that impact was intentional or not. The 5-4 decision was the result of a case […]

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CFPB Issues Statement on TRID Enforcement Concerns

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) issued a statement on Wednesday, June 3, 2015, stating that its enforcement of the TILA-RESPA INTEGRATED DISCLOSURES (“TRID”) will be sensitive to mortgage lenders making a good faith effort to enforce the new rule. Richard Cordray, Director of the CFPB, addressed the statement to Senators Joe Donnelly and Tim […]

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