Weightloss Challenge

NFM, Inc. Hosts a Corporate Weight Loss Challenge

In order to help our employees keep their New Year’s resolutions, our corporate office has established a weight loss challenge. It is designed to help support those of us who want to lose weight and become more physically fit. The challenge began on Wednesday, January 16th, 2013 and will end on April 16th, 2013. There […]

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Staging your Home for faster sales - NFM Lending

Staging Your Home For Sale

‘Staging’ is a term used by real estate agents that means to set up your home to look like a model home, making it more marketable to potential buyers. Through this process, you increase your home value and become more easily emotionally detached from the house. The ultimate goal of staging is to make your […]

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How to Help Improve Your Credit Score

When applying for a purchase loan or refinance, your credit score is of great importance. Credit scores tell lenders how well a person manages their existing credit, and are telltale signs of how reliable they are with paying off loans. Lenders also use credit scores to determine the interest rate they will charge a borrower. […]

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2012 Troops Drive - NFM

NFM’s Support Our Troops Drive 2012

In November 2012, NFM, Inc. embarked on its 5th annual Support Our Troops Drive. For the past five years, NFM, Inc. has been collecting items to send to our troops overseas via AnySoldier®. AnySoldier® is a program that helps people and organizations such as NFM, Inc. send care packages to soldiers overseas. Last year, NFM, […]

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The Life of a Mortgage Loan

Throughout its course of existence, a loan takes on various forms of being: application, amortization, re-finance, maturity. It could stay in the lender’s portfolio for its duration or move into the exciting world of the secondary market.  It may split off into two loans if the borrower decides to obtain a home equity line of […]

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