NFM Difference

10 Reasons to Choose NFM Lending

All of us at NFM Lending want you to have a great mortgage experience whether you are purchasing the home of your dreams or refinancing your current home. And while there are many lenders to choose from, we are confident that our company values and our dedication to our consumers sets us apart from the rest.

Here are 10 reasons to choose NFM Lending:

1We close most loans in 30 days or less

Once a signed application is received by NFM Lending, the process will take approximately 30 days or less. This time frame may vary if all required documents are not received. Our team works diligently to make sure your loan is processed as fast as possible without sacrificing the quality of the loan. Service is our number one priority.

2NFM is a recognized Top Mortgage Lender

Here is a list of our most recent awards:

Our commitment to serving our consumers and our continuous growth attributed to these accolades.

3We have Licensed Mortgage Loan Originators to guide you through the loan process

The mortgage process can sometimes be confusing, especially for first-time home buyers. Unlike banks, our Mortgage Loan Originators are required to take tests and get approved by the state(s) in order to assist borrowers with the loan process. Our licensed Mortgage Loan Originators will walk you through the process step-by-step and they will assist you in answering any questions you may have.

4NFM has superior customer service

At NFM Lending, providing superior customer service to our borrowers is our top priority. Our borrowers recommend us to people they know because of our commitment to going above and beyond. We are ready and willing to help you day or night. If you would like to see some of our real consumer reviews, please click here.

5We experience continuous growth

NFM Lending (previously NFM, Inc.) was established in 1998 and we have seen continuous growth since our opening day. While the housing market can sometimes be unpredictable, NFM Lending is able to weather any storm, and we have planted ourselves firmly in the residential loan marketplace.

6Giving back to local communities is one of our top priorities

At NFM Lending, one of our top priorities is giving back to the community. In the years that we have been open, NFM Lending has been involved with over 25 charitable organizations and initiatives with hundreds of thousands of dollars donated. We welcome the opportunity to help others in need with ongoing efforts including monetary donations, organizing fundraising events, volunteering time, or sending necessary items to others in need. Click here to learn more.

7We have strong family values

NFM Lending (previously NFM, Inc.) was founded in 1998 by David Silverman and his wife Sandy. They started NFM as a small brokerage shop with four Loan Originators, and now there are over 450 employees. We have an open-door policy because we want them to have a positive experience and know that we are here to help and support them.

We try to incorporate family whenever we can. For example, we invite family members to company events, we invite our employees’ children to come in to trick-or-treat for Halloween, and we even have seminars on how to maintain a work-life balance. We don’t leave out pets either—we offer pet insurance at our corporate office. Our family values have never left and continue to be the foundation of our company.

8NFM provides you with helpful mortgage resources

Our Mortgage Loan Originators are ready to help you as soon as you reach out to them. In addition to speaking with them one-on-one, they can provide you with the following materials:

  • Extensive information about each loan type
  • A document checklist
  • A mortgage glossary
  • Home buyer’s checklist
  • Moving checklist
  • How to Save up for a Down Payment
  • A Mortgage Calculator
  • A Refinance guide

You can also find out great mortgage and finance tips on our blog or social media pages.

9We Have a Strong Network of Realtors®

NFM Lending has built a strong network of Realtors® who have helped our borrowers purchase and sell their homes. We have worked with them and are pleased to provide their contact information for your reference due to their excellent service and commitment to their clients.

To see a list of Realtors® click here.

10All of us at NFM have one common goal: to help our consumers achieve their home financial goals

You will work closely with an experienced Mortgage Loan Originator that will help you through the process, but he or she won’t be the only one working with and for you! We have in-house employees working in processing, underwriting, quality assurance, disclosures, information technology, and other departments working behind the scenes to make sure you get the best possible service in a timely manner.