Equal Opportunity Lender

With locations across the nation, we proudly serve a diverse customer base with products that provide solutions for a wide range of home loan financing needs and credit profiles.

From low-down payments, first-time homebuyers, investment properties, veterans, and everyone between.

Our online application and loan updates are offered in English and Spanish, and we consistently strive to create more accessible content for our customers.

We believe…
that for every family, there is a perfect home.
And for every home, there is a perfect family.


Giving all people a platform to reach their goal of homeownership.

We support the well-being of communities and creation of sustainable wealth that is passed on to the next generation.

Community Lending
Down Payment Assistance
Products for Everyone

Creating a Culture of Belonging

Culture is the foundation of everything we do and ultimately leads to a great experience for our clients and the success of our company. It’s why we place such an emphasis on creating a upportive environment, making sound ethical decisions, and holding ourselves and others accountable.

LaTasha M. Waddy

Chief Legal Officer and Executive Vice President

NFM Lending is committed to creating a
diverse workforce and identifying areas of
opportunity to level the playing field in the
mortgage industry for minorities and people
of color. We are focused on developing a
diverse group of future mortgage leaders.

Employee Empowerment

We are focused developing a diverse group of future mortgage leaders. leveling the playing field in the real estate finance industry for minorities and people of color.

We create innovative and effective programs that recruit, attract, develop, engage, advance, and retain employees from a variety of backgrounds, including diversity of: race, ethnicity, gender, culture, language, age, gender, and sexual orientation

Community Partnerships

We partner with impactful organizations who share in our desire to focus on equity and inclusion solutions for the communities we serve