10 DIY Ideas for Fall Wreaths

A great way to increase your home’s curb appeal is to add some glam to your home’s front entrance. And an easy and low-cost way to do this is to hang a beautiful wreath. A wreath will create a welcoming gesture which can coordinate with your home’s colors, or the current seasonal color pallet.

Now that fall is here, check out these 10 DIY ideas for fall wreaths you can hang from your front door:


1.  Potpourri Wreath

DIY Fall Wreath 1
Photo by Michelle Edwards via Sweet Something Design

Have you ever wondered what to do with potpourri that has lost its smell? Creating a wreath with used potpourri creates a neat texture mixed with a wonderful fall color pallet. Check out this super easy Potpourri Wreath Tutorial from Sweet Something Design.


2. Simplistic Fall Wreath

DIY Fall Wreath 2
Photo by Allison Maestri via Little Lovelies

If your budget is tight and your free time is short, here is a great tutorial to create a beautiful, yet Simplistic Fall Wreath by Little Lovelies by Allison.


3. Pine cone Wreath

DIY Fall Wreath 3
Photo by Melissa L. via Keep Calm and Decorate

If you have pine trees in your yard, or live near a park or forest that have pine trees, see if you can collect a few buckets of pine cones to create a pinecone wreath. Here is a simple Pine cone Wreath Tutorial from Keep Calm and Decorate.


4.  Fall Rosette Wreath

DIY Fall Wreath 4
Photo by Beverly McCullough via Flaming Toes

Although the Ombre fad might be winding down, this rosette wreath is still really cute! Find out how to create this beautiful fall wreath by visiting the DIY Fall Rosette Wreath Tutorial by Flaming Toes.


5. Acorn Wreath

DIY Fall Wreath 5
Photo via Little Things Bring Smiles

If your trees don’t give pine cones, but instead give acorns, here is a great tutorial to bring those little nuts to good and beautiful use! Follow this Acorn Wreath Tutorial by Little Things Bring Smiles and add some fun fall colors to your home.


6. Plump Fall Wreath

DIY Fall Wreath 6
Photo via Crafty Sisters

This Plump Fall Wreath Tutorial from Crafty Sisters does a great job showing how to take two or three old or ugly wreaths and fuse them together to create a unique and welcoming piece.


7. Felt Flower Halloween Wreath

DIY Fall Wreath 7
Photo by Darya via Living Locurto

This cute and super easy Felt Flower Halloween Wreath Tutorial from Living Locurto takes a new twist on wreaths by adding felt flowers. If you want to take it up a notch, try picking several different “fall colors” felt pieces to create a multi-colored wreath.


8. Burlap Fall Wreath

DIY Fall Wreath 8
Photo via Classy Clutter

There are several ways to do a burlap wreath, but this Burlap Fall Wreath Tutorial from Classy Clutter has a great twist on standard wreaths, and it’s super easy to do!


9. Grape Vine Fall Wreath

DIY Fall Wreath 9
Photo by Sherri via Luv a Bargain

If leafs, acorns, pine cones, or burlap are not your thing, this grape vine wreath has all the fall colors you need! Follow this Easy DIY Fall Wreath Tutorial from Luv a Bargain to create your own.


10. Wood Wreath

DIY Fall Wreath 10
Photo by Melissa via Vintage Mellie

If you are looking for a nature inspired fall wreath that you can create, this Wood Wreath Tutorial from Shabby Love is for you. This wreath is made from cut sticks and branches!


With all of these DIY fall wreath inspirations, you can create a wreath that is beautiful, low-cost, and unique to help add curve appeal and welcome fall to your home.


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